96FM Perth recently rebranded and wanted a TVC that reflected their slogan ‘keeping it real.’

Open Spaces Productions brought Ninja Milk on to direct and DOP the campaign and to bring JOY’s brief to life.

Being a sound design focused spot, it enabled us to capture dozens and dozens of shots that we felt reflected the Western Australian capital both visually and audibly. It also meant we worked backwards in post production, starting with the sound design first then matching the visuals.

With the use of split screen, we were able to show up to 6 shots at once, treating both the eyes and ears.

We shot on the ARRI Amira with Cooke lenses that gave us latitude in the edit and a crisp, beautiful image.

Client: 96FM Perth (ARN)
Agency: JOY
Production Company: Open Spaces Productions
Director: Matthew Jenkin (Ninja Milk)
Producer: Beatrice Masia
DOP: Bradley J Conomy (Ninja Milk)
Editor / Grade: Bruce Flint (First Light Digital)
Sound Design: Brainestorm

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