September, 2017

Cinesummit is one of the biggest online filmmaking events in the world with over 80,000+ people viewing presentations from cinematographers and filmmakers who share tips and insights into their working process.

Over the past few years founder Aviv Vana has grown his community through the shared passion for cinematography and for only the second time, he’s altered the event to focus on directing.

I was humbled to be asked by Aviv if I could provide a presentation for CS7 to which I jumped at the chance!

The result is a 2 hour chat between myself and Aviv focusing on camera angle choices and how the positioning of the camera can create meaning and impact to your film.

In my presentation, I dissect scenes from classic films such as Se7en, Citizen Kane, Children of Men, The Master, Touch of Evil and Whiplash and demonstrate how the director managed to create meaning and tension.

The event is held over two days – Sept. 12 & 13 and it’s entirely FREE! If you miss the dates, you can enrol for a small fee and watch all the presentations from other great directors.

It was a great experience to critique some of the films that have been a major influence on my work and style and I hope you find my presentation enlightening.


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