“I can’t say enough about COCKATOO; the lead Alan Dukes puts it over the top. I laugh every time I watch this picture. It’s spot on in every aspect: casting, pacing, color & space, music, beautifully written and executed.” Mike Demirjian, Clare Valley Film Festival judge

Sometimes it’s best to let sleeping birds lie… 

A man with a broken heart tries to relive his failed relationship by hiring a young girl to play his ex-girlfriend. If only she could get the accent right…

Best Original Screenplay – Flickerfest (Australia)
Best Foreign Director – Outbox International Film Festival (Lebanon)
Jury Award for Best ‘Wild Side’ Short Film – Tri Media Film Festival (USA)
Audience Favourite Award – DC Shorts Film Festival (USA)
Silver Yowie Award for Best Short Film (Open) – Blue Mountains Film Festival (Australia)
Audience Favourite Award – Blue Mountains Film Festival (Australia)
Honorable Mention Award – Anchorage International Film Festival (USA)
Honorable Mention Award (Comedy Fiction) – Taos Shortz Film Festival (USA)
Best Film – West End Film Festival (Australia)
Best Australian Film – Clare Valley Film Festival (Australia)
Best Actor (Female) – Matilda Brown – Clare Valley Film Festival (Australia)
Best Film – SIPFest (Australia)
Best Director – SIPFest (Australia)
People’s Choice Award – SIPFest (Australia)

Gold Yowie Award for Best Short Film (overall) – Blue Mountains Film Festival (Australia)
Best Film – Sandfly Film Festival (Australia)
Best Performance – Alan Dukes – Sandfly Film Festival (Australia)
Best Performance – Matilda Brown – Sandfly Film Festival (Australia)
Best Comedy – St Kilda Film Festival (Australia)
Best Actor (Male) (Alan Dukes) – Clare Valley Film Festival (Australia)

Flickerfest (NSW, Australia)
Mudgee International Short Film Festival (NSW, Australia)
Rome Independent Film Festival (Italy)
CFC Worldwide Film Festival (Canada)
Outbox International Film Festival (Lebanon)
Palm Springs International ShortFest (USA)
Postira Seaside Festival (Croatia)
TriMedia Film Festival (USA)
DC Shorts Film Festival (USA)
Milwaukee Film Festival (USA)
Shnit International Shortfilmfestival (Switzerland)
Blue Mountains Film Festival (NSW, Australia)
San Jose Short Film Festival (USA)
Show Me Shorts Film Festival (New Zealand)
Sandfly Film Festival (NSW, Australia)
Aesthetica Short Film Festival (York, UK)
Interfilm Berlin 28th International Short Film Festival (Germany)
FilmLab Festival (Brescia, Italy)
Anchorage International Short Film Festival (USA)

Jaipur International Film Festival (India)
Taos Shortz Film Fest (USA)
18th Vilnius International Film Festival (Lithuania)
Boston International Film Festival (USA)
West End Film Festival (QLD, Australia)
Shorts Film Festival (SA, Australia)
Norwich Film Festival (UK)
Reel Shorts Film Festival (Canada)
St Kilda Film Festival (VIC, Australia)
Heart of Gold Film Festival (QLD, Australia)
Show-Fest (NSW, Australia)
Clare Valley Film Festival (SA, Australia)

Projects Short Film Festival (NSW, Australia)
Mini Cinema Short Film Experience (USA)
Synesthesia Film Festival (USA)
Shorts in Paradise Festival (QLD, Australia)
Festival Alto Vicento (Italy)
Phnom Penh International Film Festival (Cambodia) 
Ickle Film Fest (Scotland)
Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival (TAS, Australia)

Lebanese Film Festival (Sydney, Australia)
FilmFest Australia UK (London, UK)
Cinefest Oz (WA, Australia)

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SOS – SBS One – (Air date Monday 30th July, 2012; Monday 7th January, 2013)

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Behind the Scenes

Michael – Alan Dukes
Melanie – Matilda Brown
Redhead – Kate Worsley

Writer / Director – Matthew Jenkin
Producers – Matthew Jenkin and Oliver Leimbach
Director of Photography – Chris Bland
Editor – Brendon Killen
Original Score – Oliver Leimbach
Sound Design – Tom Lowndes
Colourists – Ellena Flikier and Mick Jones
Stills Photography – Bradley J. Conomy
Costume Designer – Elizabeth Franklin
1st Assistant Director – Peter Burge
Camera Operator – Chris Bland
Camera Assistant – Matthew Challinor
Sound Recordist – Joseph Dutaillis
Production Manager – Sarah Muir
Make-Up Design – Yasmin Orr
Make-Up Artist – Ebony Ryan
Title Design – Brendon Killen
Poster Design – Bradley J. Conomy

Cockatoo is dedicated to the loving memory of Matthew Jenkin’s father, Peter, who passed away during pre-­‐production, aged 58 (June, 2011).