Family is a lesson. Learn it.

One family. One lesson to be learned. One twisted way to teach it.

Dad – Alan Lovell
Tom – Ryan Johnson
Jack – Oliver Leimbach
Mum – Zoe Carides

Writer / Director / Editor – Matthew Jenkin

Producers – Matthew Jenkin & Oliver Leimbach
Directors of Photography – Bradley J. Conomy & Max Seager
Original Score – Johann Willenberg
Sound Design – Joseph Dutaillis

Bin Laughter Award (In The Bin, QLD)
People’s Choice Award & 3rd Prize (Mudfest, NSW)
Runner Up Prize for Best Film (Shepparton Shorts Film Festival, VIC)

Stepping Stone Film Festival (India)
Anchorage International Film Festival (USA)
Sandfly Film Festival (NSW, Australia)
Show Me Shorts Film Festival (New Zealand)
Edmonton International Film Festival (Canada)
In The Bin Film Festival (QLD, Australia)
TriMedia Film Festival (USA)
Columbia Gorge International Film Festival (USA)
Show-Fest (NSW, Australia)
Shorts On The Green (QLD, Australia)
Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival (WA, Australia)
Mudfest (NSW, Australia)
Clare Valley Film Festival (SA, Australia)
Shepparton Shorts Film Festival (VIC, Australia)

Behind The Scenes
with Ryan Johnson and Oliver Leimbach