September 2016

For years, brothers Oli & Louis Leimbach and I have discussed making something together sometime… finally, we have made something together.

Their new summer vibes single ‘Waking Up Easy’ has been launched and I was fortunate enough to direct the clip.

With a modest budget and a tight 2-day shooting schedule, we asked a lot of favours of our friends and managed to create several worlds based around locations we knew on Sydney’s northern beaches.

A special thanks has to go our brave leading lady Emily who was thrown (literally) into a freezing swimming pool a dozen times for the underwater sequence and again in the lake and managed to never complain once!

And a huge thanks to our crew who gave up two long days to help make this clip come to life.

I hope this song really launches the band into the stratosphere because they deserve it!


Artist: Lime Cordiale (

Waking Up Easy on Spotify (

Starring Emily Bester and Petie Sjogren

Director: Matthew Jenkin
Producer: Oliver Leimbach
Director of Photography: Chris Bland
Editor and Colourist: Sie Kitts
Underwater Camera: Lee Kelly
Drone Camera: Jay Platt
Focus Puller: Neal Von Dinklage
Gaffer: Drew Bontoft
Underwater Production Design: Cyma Hibri
Camera Assistant/Stills: Thomas Austin
Stylist: Elly Mcgaw
Make Up & Hair: Hannah Bester
Production Assistant: Jackson Gray
Catering: Dominic Schirru
Thanks to Andrew and Trina Minter for their beautiful house.

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