Client: The Other Dimension // Sultanate of Oman
Brief 1: Direct 140+ first-person videos of Oman
Brief 2: Create a 15 and 30-sec cinema ad for Oman using footage from the trip

Ninja Milk DOP Bradley spent 15 days travelling through Oman capturing a first-person experience of the country for an online web/video project produced by The Other Dimension. Visitors to the Oman: ‘Sidetrip of a Lifetime’ website can experience a variety of activities via 140+ short experiential videos that emulate several of the tourism adventures on offer to Australian and New Zealand travellers.

While the 140+ online videos were being edited by The Other Dimension, Ninja Milk were then asked to create a 15 and 30 second cinema ad using footage from the trip to play in Australian and New Zealand theatres over the next 18 months.

The ad was a motion graphics spot combining video footage, still images from the trip with 3D keyword text placed into the scenes and hand-swipes indicating the interactive nature of the ‘Sidetrip of a Lifetime’ campaign.