Feature Film: Palm Beach
Director: Rachel Ward
Producers: Deb Balderstone & Bryan Brown
Starring: Bryan Brown, Sam Neill, Richard E. Grant, Greta Scaachi, Jacqueline McKenzie & Heather Mitchell

I’ve been fortunate to work with Bryan Brown on several occasions over the years (Lessons From The Grave, Let’s Talk About) and when his latest feature film was gearing up for production, a phone call asking if I could do the behind the scenes content was welcomed.

My task was to film and complete four short featurette videos and sit-down interviews with the cast and crew for the EPK (electronic press kit). Being on set for the majority of the six week shoot enabled me a luxurious amount of time with director Rachel Ward and the stellar cast.

The result was hours and hours of wonderful content that I wouldn’t be able to cram into the featurettes. So I edited together short 60 second videos with the gold I had accumulated on set and created some 20 extra videos which are now being dropped on the film’s Instagram Page.

Highlights include Aaron Jeffery conducting reflexology on Sam Neill’s feet, Rachel trying to wrangle seagulls into a shot, Heather Mitchell explaining the origins of her toast paintings and Bryan’s inability to pronounce his own character’s name.

It was a wonderful honour to be a small part of this production and I encourage you all to see it when it arrives in Aussie cinemas on 8th August!

Some stills from the set…

Our fearless leader, director Rachel Ward. Day 1.

Heather Mitchell with a familiar face on the front cover of the Women’s Weekly.

The slate.

The picnic scene. Set in Summer yet shot in Winter. The poor cast froze.

Bryan, Sam and Richard test their vocal chords.

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