Client: Sheridan

For the launch of their Spring Summer 2016 collection, Sheridan asked us to provide a range of videos that demonstrated the process of creating the new designs.

As the designers work, they take stills of their progress which enabled us to create this captivating time lapse video (see above).

Considering¬†all Sheridan designs are hand-made, we felt it was quintessential that we create a series of videos that too, are hand-made… so to speak.

For the ‘Wanderings’ and ‘Zofia’ designs, we created these stop-motion videos literally frame by frame. We took the final design then painstakingly removed a small section of artwork, saved the image, then removed some more, saved – and so on and so on… Then reversed the footage, edited it together and before your eyes, the design comes to life!

It took several weeks to complete the process and we’re ecstatic with the final results.

To complete the project, we also made this handy ‘how to’ video which provides tips on how to perfectly organise your linen cupboard – something I’m sure every household could use!

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