An hour deadline. A semen sample. And a delivery that goes horribly wrong.

It’s Christmas Eve. It’s 4pm. Daniel has one hour to get his semen sample to the health clinic and anything that could go wrong, does.

TBA – 2017

Daniel – Richard Davies
June – Kate Worsley
Scooter Boys – Jack Spooner & Lewis Defina
Crime Boss – Roy Billing
Standover Man – JR Laveta
Beaten Man – George Kemp
Driver – Luke Joslin
Pregnant Woman – Tasha Sanders
Keanu the Cat – Richard Parker
Fierce Dog – Razzle

Writer / Editor / Director – Matthew Jenkin
Producers – Stefanie Foerster & Matthew Jenkin
Director of Photography – Chris Bland
Production Designer – Catherine Rynne
Costume Designer – Jackie Steen
Sound Designer & Mixer – Sasha Zastavnikovic
Composer – Oliver Leimbach
Colourist – Sie Kitts
1st Assistant Director – Stefanie Foerster
1st Assistant Camera / Focus Puller – Neal von Dinklage
2nd Assistant Camera – Rhavin Banda
Data Wrangler – Sie Kitts
Gaffer – Drew Bontoft
Sound Recordist – Martin Demian
Makeup & Hair Artist – Wai Lam & Jennifer Stepanik
Continuity Supervisor – Michael Wray
Production Runner – Sabrina Matthaus
Stills Photographers – Sie Kitts
Caterers – Sue Jenkin & Gail Howe
Dog Owner – Michelle Stendara


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