Social Media & Content

Social Media and content go hand in hand. Creating an engaging, entertaining online experience for an audience is what we do. Since 2009 we have been on the forefront of Social Media management and Content Strategy for our customers. From large Australian franchise companies to small Australian-based not-for-proft organisations and charities, we have provided:

– Social Media Management Around the clock management for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages to make sure no customer enquires slip through the gaps. This is a crucial part of the instant communication culture that defines the online world. If your company doesn’t have the time/expertise to commit to making sure your customers are informed and cared for, then Ninja Milk can help.

– Social Media Strategy – Strategy is a crucial part of the platforms to remain relevant to your customers. To be focused, client centred, consistent and add value “best practises” need to be implemented across all platforms. These practises can only be learnt by spending time listening to your customers, learning the platforms and how they change and have the experience to adapt to these changes. Having been active members of the Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo communities since their early days, we have the understanding needed to partner with your brand.

– Social Media Content Distribution – To know how social media platforms will treat your branded content is a crucial component in any strategy and management system for online. These content metrics are constantly changing and there is huge differences between how Facebook will distribute video content and how Twitter treats the same content. We can help tailor these according to the target audience.

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